April 2, 2014
(CNN screengrab)
(CNN screengrab)

CNN’s obsession with missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has served it well on journalistic and financial levels. The Erik Wemple Blog has enjoyed watching it.

And as the newsbed of “revelations” or “breaking news” or “developments” in the story dries up, CNN has started to fill its airtime with a recently extinct species — non-MH370 content. Today we’ve seen some coverage of the the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance, Benghazi, GM, as well as other topics.

Even so, behold the image at the top of this post: Another pre-emption of “Crossfire” in favor of a special, two-hour, MH370-focused edition of Wolf Blitzer’s “Situation Room”! That practice started on March 11, three weeks ago. And what 370 developments does Blitzer have to chew on today? “What’s going on with this search?” he said moments ago in promoting the show, noting that the search area continues shifting all over the place.

Time to re-introduce “Crossfire,” folks. Or something else.

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