Al Gore: Climate change should be media’s ‘No. 1′ story

It's an 'existential' question, says former veep.

Gore: ‘I’m proud of the transaction’

Al Gore has so many reasons why his sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera was "an easy choice." Does a single one of them withstand scrutiny?

Gore fails to defend Current TV-Al Jazeera sale

Pressed by Matt Lauer of the "Today" show about selling to an oil-based country, Gore retreats to some not-so-compelling talking points.

Gore: Al Jazeera ‘thorough, fair and informative’

Al Gore says that Al Jazeera is fair and informative. There's some disagreement on that point.

O’Reilly rips Al Gore for tax hypocrisy in Current TV sale

Host notes how former vice president advocated for higher tax rates on the rich, yet reportedly hustled the sale of Current to beat higher taxes.