Associated Press slights, but doesn’t bombard, ‘war lingo’ in political coverage

Let's hear it for 'criticizing' people.

Sharyl Attkisson’s computer intrusions and the Justice Department’s Inspector General

Former CBS News reporter handed off personal computer to government agents.

Ebola-surviving journalist wanted to be ‘part of the solution’

Ashoka Mukpo had previously worked in Liberia as a human rights advocate

The Associated Press on how not to hype Ebola

'Suspected' cases get skeptical treatment.

White House press secretary says Post article is old news. Let’s have a look!

Lots of 'no's' in this table.

Has the Department of Health and Human Services politicized FOIA requests?

Yes, says the Associated Press. No, says HHS.

AP honcho lists press-restricting ways of Obama administration

Eight frightening trends for journos, public.

Associated Press freaks out world with tweet about plane landing

No, there was no crash-landing here.

NY Daily News, Associated Press fall for parody group on Brooklyn Bridge flag story

Twitter account all but screams that it's joking!

AP: US had ‘heads up’ on destruction of Guardian hard drives

White House suggests that happiness over impending act was something 'confined to intelligence operations.'

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