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Is Fox News a Republican Party propaganda organ? Rather says no.

'Pros' at network are 'pretty good,' says veteran newsman.

Fox News site corrects Woodward misquote

Thanks to correction, veteran journalist no longer depicted as a promoter of IRS-Watergate comparisons.

Fox News site botches Woodward’s take on IRS scandal

Longtime Washington investigative journalist didn't actually say that the IRS scandal is 'on the road to Watergate.'

Woodward: ‘I wasn’t running around complaining’

Bob Woodward says that he wasn't shopping his story.

L’affaire Woodward: Now these are threats!

One reason why Woodward hasn't used the term 'threat' to describe what happened to him: He knows from threats.

Woodward on ‘threatened': Can’t have it both ways

Famous investigative journalist says he wasn't necessarily threatened but also says he received "coded" language for "you better watch out."

Fox News’s Perino: Bush effort to discredit Woodward ‘failed miserably’

Everyone stuck up for Woodward when he was at loggerheads with the Bush administration, says Fox Newsie. No one's sticking up for him now that he's at loggerheads with the Obama administration.

Woodward on White House media policy: ‘Not sound and mature’

The Post's associate editor takes issue with how the Obama administration has handled dissonance.

Fox News contributor challenges Woodward story

K.T. McFarland insists The Washington Post made too much of her relaying a message from Fox News chief Roger Ailes to Gen. David Petraeus in the spring of 2011.

Roger Ailes claims he’s ‘out of politics.’ Ha!

Somehow the Fox News chief manages to keep a toe or two in in his erstwhile profession.

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