Stephen Colbert, Chuck Todd break down midterm elections

And they don't get too far.

NBC News’s Chuck Todd gripes about influencing national politics

Says that McConnell ad seizing on his analysis is "cheap."

‘Meet the Press’ skips ‘afraid’ segment

A welcome respite from a flawed concept.

Chuck Todd’s ‘afraid’ segment on ‘Meet the Press’ must be killed

Ho-hum punditry under a banner of false advertisement.

Latest ‘afraid to say’ segment on ‘Meet the Press’: Hillary Clinton and a GOP Senate

The challenge of hosting original and useful political analysis.

False advertising on ‘Meet the Press’: People are afraid to say Hillary Clinton’s running for president

Nah, not really.

On ‘Morning Joe,’ an out-of-nowhere debate about Bergdahl parenting

An accusation that a father all but prompted his son to go AWOL.

‘Morning Joe’ commentator: Rove allegation about Hillary Clinton’s brain not sexist

A sexist attack on Hillary Rodham Clinton? Nah.

MSNBC all day long: Lefty volunteerism, reporting, fluff

What drives the day at MSNBC?

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd grills Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

The coverage hasn't been accurate! Oh yeah, tell me about it.

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