Fox News’s Howard Kurtz shills for ‘Fox & Friends’

Why not rip away?

Fox News is splintering over ‘take the stairs’ joke on ‘Fox & Friends’

Host Greta Van Susteren cites 'thousands' of employees who don't deserve association with Ray Rice jokes.

When does Fox News apologize?

When it feels like it, according to the record.

‘Fox & Friends’ punts on ‘take the stairs’ joke over Ray Rice situation

Co-host Brian Kilmeade suggests that reaction was misinformed: Program is dead-serious about domestic abuse, despite jokes.

‘Fox & Friends’ will address Ray Rice ‘stairs’ comments on Tuesday’s show

A broadcasting moment that must be revisited.

Fox News’s Bret Baier continues refusing to snipe at President Obama over golf

They're goading the wrong guy.

Former Fox News anchor Alisyn Camerota signs with CNN

Utility player at Fox News starts out as such at CNN.

Stephen Colbert skewers ‘Bergdghazi,’ elbows Fox News

Another scandal, another sendup.

Fox News host confuses NAACP, NCAA

Oh, everyone makes that mistake!

‘Fox & Friends’ takes on favorite topic: Should women pay more for health insurance?

Yes! says John Stossel.

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