Why CNN’s Carol Costello should apologize to the Palin family on-air

The platform of the apology matters.

George Zimmerman’s lawyer vows appeal in suit against NBC

"Public figure" finding hurt Zimmerman's prospects.

Florida judge tosses George Zimmerman’s suit against NBC

Zimmerman's status as a public figure preceded shooting of Trayvon Martin, judge holds.

NBC seeks dismissal of Zimmerman suit over 911 tape edits

Could George Zimmerman be an 'involuntary public figure'? NBC says yes.

Absurd backlash over CNN’s interview with George Zimmerman

Two years after tragedy, killer of Trayvon Martin has few compelling thoughts about it.

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly blames Trayvon Martin’s death on hoodie

Fashion choices and the fate of young black men.

MSNBC’s Touré: O’Reilly is an ‘idiot’

Host Martin Bashir takes issue with O'Reilly addressing issues other than the ones the country has been 'directed' to take on.

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly: ‘My salary has gone up…’

His suggestion that his situation tells a story about the nation's economy is a bit of a stretch.

Obama race talk: Chuck Todd blasts ‘some portions of cable news’ (not MSNBC)

To what could he possibly have been referring?

Fox News analyst: NBC News ‘on the hook’ in Zimmerman lawsuit

Outlet will have to pay out big time over mis-editing of police dispatch tape, commentators argue.

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