Clinton Inc. imposes bush-league security totalitarianism on reporters

Media escorts follow reporters EVERYWHERE at the Clinton Global Initiative conference.

Chuck Todd’s ‘afraid’ segment on ‘Meet the Press’ must be killed

Ho-hum punditry under a banner of false advertisement.

Daily Show’s Jon Stewart rips Joe Scarborough for ripping Hillary Clinton

A cure for Hillary Rodham Clinton non-committal frustration syndrome: Don't cover her for a while.

Latest ‘afraid to say’ segment on ‘Meet the Press': Hillary Clinton and a GOP Senate

The challenge of hosting original and useful political analysis.

False advertising on ‘Meet the Press': People are afraid to say Hillary Clinton’s running for president

Nah, not really.

Hillary Clinton on ‘Colbert Report': Embarrassing

A name-dropping contest!

Jon Stewart interviews Hillary Rodham Clinton on inequality, foreign policy. Benghazi? Not so much.

Host refuses to duplicate the work of the rest of the media!

From Bloomberg boss: Avoid ‘game changer’

Editor says to avoid the term made famous by the company's prominent political reporters.

Fox News’s Kurtz alleges Benghazi-Clinton double standard

MSNBC anchors criticize Fox News for pressing Hillary Clinton on Benghazi. But what about Sawyer?

CNN’s town hall: Clinton-friendly

Optics, optics, optics and applause.

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