Politico hires talent recruiter

Editors recruiting talent? How old-school media.

Latest ‘afraid to say’ segment on ‘Meet the Press': Hillary Clinton and a GOP Senate

The challenge of hosting original and useful political analysis.

Sources: Top editor Rick Berke had little control at Politico

He inherited the newsroom position of co-founder Jim VandeHei, but not his power.

Politico expanding to Europe

Forms a 50-50 partnership with Axel Springer.

Politico’s executive editor, Rick Berke, abruptly resigns

Rick Berke cites disagreements over strategy for his unexpected departure after less than a year.

Politico CEO declares ‘early success’ with Capital New York

Highly watched acquisition continues hiring.

Politico’s VandeHei: ‘awesome journalism’ is ‘executable’

Correct, and Politico's Capital New York will need a big slice of that New York state lobbying-ad pie.

Memo to Politico: Brands can’t call themselves ‘hot’

If you're a hot brand, let others call you that.

Is Politico’s ‘Playbook’ a portable commodity?

Fourth in a multi-part series Last month, Politico broke some news about itself. It was purchasing Capital New York, a website that covers politics, culture and media in its namesake city. When it came time to announce the decision, Executive Editor Jim VandeHei managed to find a certain morning show on the cable dial willing […]

Why did Politico’s publisher buy Capital New York?

Can Politico transfer its editorial-cum-business success to a publication that doesn't have access to Beltway money?

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