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Should the New Yorker have profiled Peter Lanza?

Yes, it's an exceptional read, and it may just help parents who are struggling with children losing their connection to reality.

MSNBC all day long: Lefty volunteerism, reporting, fluff

What drives the day at MSNBC?

Associated Press: ‘We will be in Newtown on the anniversary’

Outlet has been there from the beginning. That's not going to change.

Daily News: ‘Shame on U.S.’

An editorial voice screams from the front page of the New York tabloid.

Michael Moore predicts release of Newtown crime-scene photos

Michael Moore says that someone will leak the Newtown crime-scene photos and that some media outlet that publishes them will face a boycott. Correct on that last part, at least.

Milbank affirms ‘heckling’ at Newtown meeting

Panel appears to agree that whether or not Neil Heslin was heckled last week is a judgment call. Yes, an easy one.

Hannity compares ‘heckling’ case to Zimmerman tape edits

Following MSNBC's treatment of the Neil Heslin non-heckling incident, critics of NBC News and MSNBC are connecting some dots.

MSNBC, Huffington Post respond to ‘heckling’ issue

Once news orgs dig in on a judgment, they show their creativity in dancing around corrections.

Here’s why Newtown victim’s father was NOT heckled

Piers Morgan savaged the gun-rights proponents at a recent meeting in Hartford. And for what?

Was Newtown father really heckled?

Some media are saying that a Newtown father who testified in a Hartford hearing was heckled by gun-rights advocates. That appears to be a stretch.

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