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Stephen Colbert assists President Obama with Obamacare propaganda

Talking points triumph over satire.

Media should hammer Obamacare Inc. for bogus enrollment numbers

A more forthcoming policy on enrollment numbers would have cushioned this disaster.

Obamacare agency still stingy with enrollment figures

But Kentucky issues them.

Sean Hannity on Gruber’s ‘no comment': ‘Pretty gutless’

MIT economist and Obamacare architect won't get into the weeds with a visiting Fox News crew.

Fox News’s ‘Hannity’ confronts Jonathan Gruber face to face

Controversial adviser on Obamacare apparently not interested in chatting with crew from Fox News program.

Melissa Francis on her CNBC claim: ‘I felt like I was . . . complicit’ in Obamacare coverup

Fox Business personality details a moment of apparent censorship from cable business news channel.

An appeal to Fox News: Investigate Gruber’s remarks

Go hard on this one.

Jonathan Gruber’s stature at liberal think tank/Web site: From expert to guy who’s ‘lying’

Jonathan Gruber's stature shifts at a liberal think tank/Web site.

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly flunks Obamacare 101

He likes certain parts of it, but urges eventual repeal of the whole thing. Figure that out.

Former NYT executive editor alleges uneven media coverage of Obamacare

The Erik Wemple Blog isn't so sure about that.

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