BillOReilly.com on Ferguson: Racial profiling ‘understandable’

Because "black criminality is disproportionately high."

CNN hosts have baffling conversation with Utah congresswoman-elect Mia Love on race and gender

Watch as a politician and two cable-news anchors talk right past one another.

‘Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart wallops Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly on race in America

Extracts a mild concession from the Fox News host.

Daily Show’s Jon Stewart obliterates Fox News coverage of Ferguson

So Fox News folks don't think there's a racial dimension to the Michael Brown story?

In light of Sterling scandal, Fox News cites comments by Democrats

News orgs could spend a great deal of airtime recapping racially insensitive utterances by politicians.

Touré rips President Obama for stressing ‘personal responsibility’

Another 'Cyclist' hitting from the left

Obama race talk: Chuck Todd blasts ‘some portions of cable news’ (not MSNBC)

To what could he possibly have been referring?

Bill O’Reilly’s magic black murder statistic

Fox News host bashes media for overcoverage of Trayvon Martin case. And O'Reilly has completely ignored it!

Zimmerman case a media-driven ‘racial morality play’: Claim

How did race make its way into the Zimmerman case? Via the media? Or police documents?

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly connects Hispanics with ‘bigger government’

In explaining why America is hooked on high taxes, O'Reilly looks to race. Huh?

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