Report: In book, Hillary Clinton strikes back on Benghazi

Why didn't she appear on the Sunday shows after the Benghazi attacks? Because she doesn't think they're important.

David Gregory should have asked Susan Rice: Where was Hillary Clinton?

But where was the secretary of state?

Former Obama official on Benghazi: ‘Press has been so lazy, it’s infuriating’

A hundred pages of e-mails detailing administration actions on Benghazi tell us only so much.

Rice ‘blameless’? No and yes

Susan Rice is asked whether she was 'blameless' in the controversy over her remarks on the Sunday shows regarding Benghazi. She says, yeah, more or less blameless.

Susan Rice, really the victim of conservative media?

So Chuck Todd says that Susan Rice was the victim of insufficient PR staff, the conservative media and other forces. Hmmm.

Fox News’s Chris Wallace praises Susan Rice

Repeat: Fox News guy praises Susan Rice