CNN scoops footage of Islamic State group in firefight

Camera catches fighters under siege at ridgeline near Syria-Turkey border.

McCain, Politico brawl over foreign policy story

John McCain may be a hawk, but how many countries does he want to invade?

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow slights S.E. Cupp, war-mongering pundits

Allegation: Pundits are out of step with the United States.

Fox News scores really weird Assad interview

Dennis Kucinich: Fox News contributor but non-journalist.

Jon Stewart: News shows stampede toward war

Once the prospect of hostilities is raised, says host, news establishment wants 'payoff.'

Jon Stewart crushes idiotic Wolf Blitzer ploy

Surely such a gimmick was only an improvisation, right? Right?

NYT, WaPo, HuffPost, others sink big effort into whip counts

New York Times, strict on leaning.

Jon Stewart returns, cable-news critique in hand

Host pans 'experts' who got it wrong in Iraq.

Poll: Syria eclipses other issues for media consumers

But we don't know how it ranks vis-a-vis twerking.

The Economist on Syria’s Assad: ‘Hit Him Hard’

Not a lot of caution here.

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