The difficulty with David Frum’s apology for bogus photo-fakery allegations

His explanation references his 'skepticism' about Mideast photos.

Atlantic Media exec to become Time Inc. exec

Another top departure at the Foggy Bottom publication mill.

The Atlantic redesigns itself

Looking for a sexy rendering of Poseidon? Well, the new-look Atlantic has something for you.

Atlantic issues Scientology-crisis-preventing guidelines

The Atlantic has issued new guidelines on dealing with advertorial campaigns, the better to prevent a repeat of its Scientology embarrassment.

Atlantic: Not ‘passing judgment’ on Scientology

The Atlantic says that its decision to take down an advertorial for the Church of Scientology resulted from inadequate online policies.

The Atlantic apologizes

But it doesn't specify exactly what the Atlantic is apologizing for.

The Atlantic’s Scientology problem, start to finish

How The Atlantic published and then unpublished an advertiser-driven feature.

Atlantic to review steps that led to Scientology advertorial

Its "sponsor content" for the Church of Scientology draws plenty of criticism.