Clinton’s claim that no GOP candidate has consistently supported a path to citizenship

Her statement was aimed at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) but does it hold up?

Huckabee’s repeated claim that he passed ’94 tax cuts’ as governor

Huckabee's repeated use of a misleading claim boosts his Pinocchio rating.

Paul Ryan’s slick use of poverty rates to declare the ‘war on poverty’ a failure

Whether the war on poverty is a success depends on which official measurement a politician cites.



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Fact-checking the 2016 presidential hopefuls

See a visual analysis.

Why you should be wary of statistics on ‘modern slavery’ and ‘trafficking’

Depending on the estimate cited, the number of victims changes by tens of millions.

The zombie statistic about women’s share of income and property

A statistic, based on fishy data from four decades ago, continues to circulate, usually around International Women's Day.

Warren’s false claim that ‘auto dealer markups cost consumers $26 billion a year’

The Massachusetts Democrat earns Four Pinocchios for mischaracterizing a report with fishy numbers.

Pelosi’s perplexing claim that House bill would ‘cut’ VA medical care funds

Pelosi and VA say 70,000 fewer veterans would get medical care because of the House appropriations bill. Not so.

Iran’s claim that Israel has 400 nuclear weapons

Israel has nuclear weapons, but most analysts say Iran's number is much too high.

Does the United States really have 5 percent of the world’s population and one quarter of the world’s prisoners?

The figure is so dramatic it sounds false. But it checks out.

Nope, Jon Stewart, $1 trillion wasn’t spent on Afghanistan schools at the expense of Baltimore.

Yes, the Daily Show is a fake news show. But it should not get the facts 4-Pinocchio wrong.

DeLauro’s claim that the Trans Pacific free trade deal would spur a ‘flood’ of frozen shrimp

The Connecticut Democrat fails to mention that frozen shrimp already has no duties.

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