Obama’s fishy claim on the House GOP tax plan

The president uses fuzzy math about the GOP's still-vague tax plan.

Will the Lee-Rubio proposal cut taxes for 90 percent of Americans?

Rubio makes a broad statement based on a provision that isn't written into the tax proposal.

Clinton’s claim that CEOs make 300 times more than American workers

This is a common talking point by Democrats. But how valid is it?

Warren’s claim that 99.6 percent of all job categories pay men more than women because of discrimination

Readers wanted to know: Is there any substance to Warren's assertion?

Wasserman Schultz’s out-of-context claims about Rubio

The DNC chairwoman disses Marco Rubio, and spins his words out of context.

Is the estate tax killing small farms and businesses?

Foes of the estate tax say it is killing small farms and businesses. But is that really the case?

Who wrote the ‘IRS code’? Hint: It wasn’t the Internal Revenue Service

Reader responses reminded us that commonly used political jargon can have powerful implications.

Does the Export-Import Bank ‘prop’ foreign corporations to compete unfairly with the U.S.?

A radio ad misleads listeners about the negative impacts of the Export-Import Bank.

Rand Paul’s claim that Reagan’s tax cuts produced ‘more revenue’ and ‘tens of millions of jobs’

Old myths die hard, but neither fact is backed by the evidence.

Tom Cotton’s four-day war against Iran

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) says an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would be short. But would it be a cakewalk?

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