Carly Fiorina’s claim that not ‘a single regulation’ has ever been repealed

The prospective GOP presidential candidate keeps saying this to audiences but she hasn't done her homework.

Why you should be wary of statistics on ‘modern slavery’ and ‘trafficking’

Depending on the estimate cited, the number of victims changes by tens of millions.

Four Pinocchios for Sherrod Brown’s invented George H.W. Bush quote

For years, Sen. Brown has been putting words in the mouth of the first President Bush.

58,000 children ‘abducted’ a year: yet another fishy statistic

News organizations frequently cite this number, but there is less than meets the eye.

The zombie statistic about women’s share of income and property

A statistic, based on fishy data from four decades ago, continues to circulate, usually around International Women's Day.

The often-repeated claim that 1,800 college students die from ‘alcohol-related causes’

We dig into the data behind an alarming statistic and discover the numbers about college drinking say less than people think.

The zombie claim about Navy ship numbers returns to the 2016 campaign trail

It's time to put this ship-counting claim to rest.

Carly Fiorina’s claim that California’s drought is a ‘man-made’ disaster

Critics say California's current water shortage is a "man-made" disaster. Is that accurate?

Obama’s claim that every dollar spent on pre-kindergarten education earns ‘$7 back’

Obama flatly asserted that every $1 results in $7 from all sorts of savings later in life. But it's a disputed estimate.

Obama’s fishy claim on the House GOP tax plan

The president uses fuzzy math about the GOP's still-vague tax plan.

Will the Lee-Rubio proposal cut taxes for 90 percent of Americans?

Rubio makes a broad statement based on a provision that isn't written into the tax proposal.

Clinton’s claim that CEOs make 300 times more than American workers

This is a common talking point by Democrats. But how valid is it?

Warren’s claim that 99.6 percent of all job categories pay men more than women because of discrimination

Readers wanted to know: Is there any substance to Warren's assertion?

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