Scott Walker’s exaggerated education claims

Walker throws out some education-related numbers to show his policies are working, but they're not as impressive as he makes them sound.

Did Rand Paul really ‘return’ money to the Treasury?

The Kentucky lawmaker likes to display an oversized check made out to the U.S. taxpayer. But who really gets the money?

What exactly would happen during a DHS shutdown?

As a department shutdown looms, lawmakers have claimed a range of impacts. We look at the facts.

Jeh Johnson’s claim that apprehensions on the southern border are lowest they’ve been in years

The DHS secretary's generalized statement does not tell the whole story, and it cherry-picks apprehensions data.

Rick Perry’s claim that one-third of all new American jobs were created in Texas

This is one of the former Texas governor's favorite claims, but it's a convenient one that obscures the reality.

Is there a link between the measles outbreak and illegal immigration?

Some politicians are suggesting a link between illegal immigration and the measles outbreak. What's the evidence?

Fact checking statements on vaccines, including Obama in 2008

We fact check various remarks on vaccinations by politicians, including Obama's controversial remarks in 2008.

The missing context behind the widely cited statistic that there are 22 veteran suicides a day

Lawmakers and the media frequently use a catchy figure about the number of veteran suicides, but there's a lot of information missing.

Jeb Bush’s claim that the U.S. annually imports $300 billion in oil from countries that ‘hate us’

The former Florida governor gets his facts wrong about which nations export oil to the United States

Ted Cruz’s claim that one of Obama’s ‘very first acts’ was returning a bust of Churchill

What really happened when a bust of Churchill loaned to George W. Bush was returned to Britain?

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