For vacationers, an app to guide them to federal destinations

The Obama administration wants a web developer to create an app to guide tourists to public lands across the country.

Tired of shutdown battles? This bill would end them for good.

The proposal would automatically extend existing funding levels whenever Congress fails to pass appropriations. Would Republicans support such a measure?

NTEU president to retire after 16 years as head of federal union

NTEU national president Colleen M. Kelley plans to retire this summer after four terms as head of the second-largest federal-employee union.

Investigators probing for criminal activity with Lois Lerner’s missing emails

"There is potential criminal activity," a top investigator with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration testified on Thursday.

Pot became legal in D.C. today. Does anything change for federal workers?

A Reagan-era executive order requires the federal workplace and workforce to be drug-free. The rules are especially strict for personnel with security clearances.

Bipartisan bill would provide back pay in event of Homeland Security shutdown

About 85 percent of Homeland Security's roughly 240,000 employees would have to work without pay in the event of a shutdown.

Report: FBI system can chill potential whistleblowers

A GAO report and Senate hearing look at protocol that dissuades feds from pointing out waste or abuse.

VA illegally shifted funds to pay for new project — in Frank Underwood fashion

A recent federal review found that two VA officials violated federal law by steering more than $90 million in funding away from its intended purpose to pay for another project.

Grassley wants to block so-called ‘amnesty bonuses’ for immigrants

The Republican wants to prevent illegal immigrants from receiving a tax credit for the working poor if Obama's immigration actions take effect.

House set to allow ‘clawback’ of VA employee awards

The House could vote as soon as Monday evening to give the VA wide discretion to rescind awards paid to its employees.

Why a DHS shutdown won’t stop Obama’s immigration orders

Republicans cannot block Obama's controversial immigration actions with a DHS shutdown alone. Here's why.

This bill would halt Congress’s pay if Homeland Security shuts down

The Democrat-sponsored legislation would put lawmakers' salaries in an escrow account until the potential Homeland Security shutdown ends.

Cutting IRS staff leads to cutting taxpayer services

IRS budget cuts and staff reductions have led to poor service for taxpayers, writes Federal Diary columnist Joe Davidson.

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