Oklahoma City bombing still sears federal workers

Feds still feel the effects of the terrorist attack on the federal building 20 years later.

U.S. sends illegal immigrants home on expensive charter flights that are largely empty

Homeland Security's inspector general said ICE could have saved up to $41 million in recent years with better logistical planning.

DEA agents had the fun, now boss pays the price

House committee issues 'no confidence' statement for DEA chief and White House offers no support after reports of DEA sex parties with prostitutes. Interest in faster firing of feds grows.

DEA manager took out dozens of credit cards for fake employees

The manager pleaded guilty to using the credit cards to withdraw nearly $114,000 from ATMs in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Think before you post: Here’s the new federal-workforce guidance on social media

Federal employees would be wise to parse prior to posting and think through their tweeting to avoid running afoul of government ethics policies, under newly released guidance.

Patent and Trademark Office doesn’t know if examiners are doing their jobs, watchdog says

From fiscal year 2009 to 2013, 99 percent of patent examiners received performance rating that made them eligible for almost $145 million in bonuses or more than $6,000 per person, regardless of whether they had errors.

Want to advance your government career? GovLoop steps in where government has stepped out.

The government has sharply reduced spending on travel and training for federal employees.

Two charts that suggest use-it-or-lose-it federal spending is real

The idea is that Congress might trim funding for agencies that end a cycle with surpluses.

House rejects bill to fire tax-delinquent federal employees

But the House unanimously passed a similar measure to bar federal agencies from hiring contractors with "seriously delinquent tax debt."

Bipartisan House statement expresses lost confidence in DEA chief

The statement came less than three weeks after a Justice Department inspector general review revealed that DEA agents had "sex parties" with prostitutes hired by drug cartels.

Congress to VA about Denver hospital: ‘How are we going to pay for it?’

Lawmakers lambasted VA officials over a hospital project near Denver that is overbudget and too small.

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