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April 23, 2013

The first major round of federal government furloughs has arrived — unevenly distributed across the government and shrouded in uncertainty, as some agency employees still wait to hear their fates. Each agency is handling this issue differently, and we’d like to hear as many of your individual stories as we can for what we’re calling the Furloughed Files.

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(David Snodgress/AP)
(David Snodgress/AP)

Have you started a part-time job or are you looking for one? How are you cutting expenses? What about morale at your agency? Are folks chipping in to take additional furlough days to help a colleague facing severe hardship? And what about the workload — is that project going to be done on time, or have you decided not to stress, given the circumstances? What do the furloughs mean to government services in your agency? Maybe you’re planning your days around holidays and trying to make the best of it all? Or maybe you’re canceling vacation altogether. We’ll run your commentaries for as long as they flow in between now and September. We know for some of you it’s going to be a long summer.

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