TSA promises reform after increase of misconduct cases

The House Committee of Homeland Security hosted a hearing prompting the TSA to improve its inconsistent methods of examining allegations of misconduct.

Senate rejects federal hiring freeze proposal

The Senate on Thursday rejected a proposal to bar the government from filling vacant positions not deemed essential.

OPM simplifies special hiring authority for disabled applicants

Persons with certain disabilities no longer will have to meet one of the current requirements under a special authority for hiring them into federal jobs.

Defense told to delay contracts, prepare for furloughs amid budget uncertainty

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday that he has told managers to freeze civilian hiring, cancel and delay some contracts, curtail training and some maintenance and prepare for unpaid furloughs because of uncertainty over the federal budget.

Local House members oppose potential DoD job cuts

Washington-area members of the House will ask their colleagues to reject a Senate plan that could result in about a 5 percent loss of Defense Department civilian positions, along with a similar cut in contractor jobs.

Federal worker Q&A guide to the fiscal cliff: Ten answers on jobs, cuts and more

Federal employees have a major stake in the debate over whether, and how, the government should back away from the fiscal cliff and potential for automatic “sequestration” cuts to programs starting in January.

Agencies told to keep doors open to interns

Federal agencies have been told that they can continue to use interns referred from third parties such as intern placement agencies after a recent overhaul of government intern-type programs.

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