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Key developments for the federal workforce during President Obama's tenure in the White House.

Official average pay gap with comparable private sector jobs now exceeds 35 percent.

Pay raise not yet final, while other numbers to rise, fall, or remain the same.

Congress won't take a raise in 2014 but the 1 percent raise in the works for federal employees would apply to other top officials.

The site offers a searchable database and interactive Google map that quickly reveals federal pay information.

A Senate panel would boost funding for the IRS, calling the cut sought by the House counterproductive.

A House proposal generally would benefit federal blue-collar employees working outside core city areas.

The Obama administration is urging Congress to back its recommendation to boost salaries by 1 percent.

House bills leave room for what would be first across the board raise since 2010.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers asked the congressional watchdog agency to review the "appropriateness" of current pay rates.

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