Federal employees striking out in furlough appeals

Only a small portion of the more than 30,000 appeals have been decided, but none favor employees.

More federal employees tapped retirement savings in shutdown

Drawdown of TSP accounts could impact long-term finances of employees who faced short-term hardships.

Budget deal allows for January federal pay raise

Raise of 1 percent would follow freeze on salary rates over 2011-2013.

Furloughed employees typically would return on day after shutdown ends

Furloughed federal employees generally would be expected to report for work on their next regular working day but there could be exceptions.

Shutdown could carry pay risk even for employees kept on the job

Federal workers kept on the job would lose the guarantee of retroactive pay if they missed work during shutdown.

DoD allows leave substitution for excess furlough days

Pentagon allows employees who took off too much unpaid time to substitute paid leave.

OMB to agencies: Start making shutdown plans

Plans for possible funding lapse are to include review of which employees would stay on the job.

Rise in TSP loans, withdrawals accompanies furloughs

Federal employees have taken increasing numbers of loans and withdrawals from their retirement savings accounts in recent months.

Pentagon ponders remedies for overly furloughed workers

With furloughs reduced from 11 to 6 days, the Defense Department is trying to figure out how to compensate workers who have already taken more than their share.

Employee groups seek immediate end to DoD furloughs

Employee groups are calling on Congress to stop furloughs of DoD employees now rather than waiting until fall.

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