House moves to ban executive performance awards at IRS

The attempt to block IRS performance awards mirrors earlier move against VA executives.

Rep. Chris Van Hollen to file lawsuit against IRS over tax-exemption rules

The lawsuit will challenge IRS rules related to social welfare groups.

Republicans demand communications between IRS and FEC

E-mails have raised concerns that the IRS may have shared confidential taxpayer information with the FEC.

IRS chief counsel’s office involved in targeting controversy

The new information comes from a congressional interview with an IRS attorney.

House Oversight schedules another IRS hearing

Congressional investigators have spent the past several months interviewing employees from the IRS offices in both regions.

Grassley: IRS paid $42,000 in bonuses to Lois Lerner

Lerner, an IRS officials who oversaw the agency's tax-exemption operations, refused to testify before Congress and is on leave.

IRS targeting didn’t start in Ohio, Ways and Means chairman says

The Republican congressman said Wednesday that talks with IRS employees showed the effort "didn't originate in Cincinnati."

IRS replaces another official after targeting revelations

The agency announced the move in an internal memo on Monday.