Ryan plan again seeks higher retirement contributions by federal workers

The House budget plan repeats a proposal to increase the amount federal employees pay toward their retirement benefits.

Impact of budgetary hit to federal retirement weighed

Requiring federal employees to pay more toward their retirement benefits likely would hurt retention, but effect on recruitment less certain, study says.

Congress takes up federal employee pay, retirement proposals

Both sides of the Capitol on Wednesday took up budget measures with provisions of direct importance to federal employee pocketbooks.

Ryan budget seeks higher retirement contributions by federal employees

The bill would reduce the federal workforce through attrition and employees would pay more toward their retirement benefits.

Alternatives to sequester could hit federal employees in other ways

While sequestration threatens widespread furloughs of federal employees, enactment of an alternative could amount to a case of pick your poison.

Cantor calls for increasing federal employee retirement contributions

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Thursday again called for replacing sequestration with changes including revisions to the federal employee retirement program.

New Simpson-Bowles plan could revive earlier proposals on fed worker benefits

The new Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction initiative could revive several proposals of the original plan that would have a significant impact on federal employee benefits.

House has passed bill to require higher retirement contributions from fed workers

The Spending Reduction Act of 2012 would require federal employees to contribute more toward their retirement plans, but the Senate is unlikely to approve the measure.