Practice bubble saves Redskins from inclement weather

December 26, 2012

The Redskins used their indoor practice facility on Wednesday because of the winter mix that hit the D.C. area.


The Washington Redskins this season have used their indoor practice facility a handful of times, mainly when preparing to play road games in domes, and a couple of times on rainy days. But Wednesday represented the first time during the regular season that the practice bubble saved the team from inclement weather, or having to transport offsite.

As a mixture of snow, rain and sleet fell over the D.C. area Wednesday morning, Redskins players headed into the bubble for practice. In years past, on days like this, the team would have had to practice in a hangar at Dulles Airport, or on the basketball court of a nearby gym.

The practice bubble was constructed during much of 2011, and originally, the plan was for it to be completed for use late in the season. But instead, poor weather – almost weekly with torrential downpours on many Wednesdays – pushed the completion of the project back until the winter.

The Redskins first used the bubble during offseason practices, and used it during a thunderstorm during training camp, and have held full practices in it a handful of times during the regular season.

Mike Jones covers the Washington Redskins for The Washington Post. When not writing about a Redskins development of some kind – which is rare – he can be found screaming and cheering at one of his kids’ softball, baseball, soccer or basketball games.
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Mike Jones · December 26, 2012

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