Redskins vs. Lions: Live

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Redskins-Lions: An oh-and-3 start

Well, that happened. No one on the Washington Redskins saw this 0-3 start coming, quarterback Robert Griffin III says, and now they have no choice but to try to dig themselves out of this hole.

They’ll have the chance next week against the Raiders on the hard turf in Oakland. After that, they’ll have a bye week in which to consider their plight.

The best news for the Redskins? Every team in their division stinks, except for one. And the Redskins will play that team, the Dallas Cowboys, after the bye.

Thanks for joining us again…we’ll see you back here next Sunday.

Sunday’s highlights: DeAngelo Hall returns interception for touchdown

Aldrick Robinson’s near touchdown

RGIII’s costly fumble on an ill-advised “slide” (Pereira weighs in)

Redskins struggle to tackle

We track how often RGIII ran vs. Lions



By Cindy Boren