Redskins vs. Bears: Live

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Now 2-4, Redskins head to Denver next Sunday

It didn’t take long for the Redskins to move forward from the 45-41 victory that lifted them to 2-4 to thinking about the trip to Denver, a homecoming for Coach Mike Shanahan.

Robert Griffin III thought the team — and he — made a break-through today and next face a Broncos team that carried a 6-0 record in its game tonight against the Indianapolis Colts. (You might have heard something about this, but it’s Peyton Manning’s first game in Indy.)

“Denver is going to be a tough opponent, a great team playing at a high level,” Griffin said. “Von Miller is back [from a suspension] … He’s always a weapon on the defensive side of the ball and Peyton on offense and then you tie all that in with the emotion of coach going back to Denver, it’s definitely going to be a high-emotion game. We’ve got to be ready for anything. But the momentum we have from this win, against a quality team, could definitely help us.”

We’ll see you here next Sunday afternoon. Thanks for joining us.

By Cindy Boren