Redskins vs. Cowboys: Live

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Cowboys vs. Redskins: Great moments for Fletcher, Garcon

The part of the day reserved for honoring London Fletcher in what he was “99 percent” certain was the final game of his career at FedEx Field went well.

The rest of it? Well, it was mostly blecch as the Redskins gacked a two-possession lead in the fourth quarter. At home. To the archrival Dallas Cowboys. And watched as the said Cowboys won 24-23.

On a crummy day, at least the end for Fletcher was classy and Pierre Garcon, another of the Redskins’ stalwarts this season, had a stellar performance in which he broke Art Monk’s single-reason Redskins receiving record with his 107th catch. Garcon finished with 11 catches for 144 yards, but the team dropped to 3-12.

Now, as Mike “I still won’t address my future until after the season ends” Shanahan said, the team will look at film, study how it let this one slip away and prepare for the New York Giants in the regular-season finale next week.

Thanks for joining us this week. Have a great holiday week and we’ll see you here next Sunday.

By Cindy Boren