Word around Washington

What they’re writing: Redskins free agency grades

Washington took a cautious dip into the free agency waters, but has added five new players since the end of Feb. Here's how 12 national observers rated those moves.

What they’re writing: On Redskins’ Jordan Reed and more

What folks outside The Post have been saying about the team as the offseason slows to a trot.

What they’re saying about the Redskins during OTAs

A roundup of outside chatter about the team.

What they’re saying about the Redskins as OTAs begin

A roundup of what's being said and written about Washington's team, both as offseason practices approach and as talk about the franchise name reignites.

What they said about the Redskins’ draft

A roundup of what folks said and wrote about Washington's eight new rookies, plus draft grades galore and a video analysis of the picks.

Pre-draft reading: Predicting when a player will go, safest positions to draft and more

A roundup of interesting articles and charts, in advance of Thursday's start of the NFL draft.

So … let’s talk Redskins and the NFL draft

A roundup of links from around the Web in anticipation of the draft, which starts in three weeks.

DeSean Jackson and the Redskins: What they’re saying

A roundup of reactions from Around the Web following DeSean Jackson's move to Washington.

Redskins free agency grades: As, Bs and Cs

A roundup of what folks around the Web are writing about Washington's football team.

Redskins and free agents: On Aqib Talib, Jairus Byrd and Anthony Collins

A roundup of what's being written about the Redskins and potential free-agent additions, both from The Post and around the Web.

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