Defensive players receive live reminders about illegal contact emphasis

The Redskins for a second straight day went through practice with a crew of official.

Santana Moss calls this season’s NFL officiating ‘the worst that I’ve ever seen’

Wide receiver says it's 'not just this team' involved in missed calls.

Mike Shanahan on officiating mistake: ‘You live with it’

The league's VP of officiating said Monday the officials should have stopped the Redskins-Giants game Sunday night to clear up the confusion over what down it was.

NFL says officials should have stopped Redskins vs. Giants game to clear up confusion over downs

The NFL VP of officiating said play in Sunday night's game “should have been stopped prior to third down and the correct down communicated to both clubs.”

Redskins’ loss to Giants ends with controversy over what down it was

Mike Shanahan says he was told by an official the Redskins had gotten a first down.

Diversity group says Trent Williams ‘directed racial epithets’ at Eagles player or players

New allegation comes in addition to Williams being accused of using a profanity and a racial slur during the Nov. 17 game at umpire Roy Ellison, which Williams has denied.

No immediate grievance hearing for suspended NFL official Roy Ellison

League's one-game suspension for using profanity at Redskins lineman Trent Williams remains in place this weekend.

NFL Referees Association denounces league’s suspension of Roy Ellison

The group also intends to file an immediate grievance on behalf of umpire Roy Ellison.

Head of diversity group says official’s suspension justified but Williams’s role must be further scrutinized

'The thing I’m hoping is that the truth will come out that Trent did curse him and did use the N-word at him,' says John Wooten of the Fritz Pollard Alliance.

NFL suspends official for one game for verbal abuse of Trent Williams

Umpire Roy Ellison suspended without pay for "profane [and] derogatory" statement.

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  • Nov 22, 2013
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