Post Sports Live: Is ‘Camp Boring’ a good thing for the Redskins?

The Post Sports Live crew explains why no major news out of training camp is good for the Redskins, coming off of a 3-13 season.

Should Redskins draft for need or take best available player?

A Post Sports Live clip and poll tackling the age-old draft dilemma.

Poll: Do you want the Redskins to sign DeSean Jackson?

There are reasons to want the free agent wide receiver, and reasons not to.

Post Sports Live: Does Snyder’s foundation counteract Redskins’ name backlash?

The Post Sports Live crew discusses whether Daniel Snyder's foundation announcement brings any good will to the owner.

Post Sports Live: Redskins free agency grades

What the Post Sports Live panel thinks, and asking what you think, about the Redskins' first week in free agency.

Would snow be a good thing at the Super Bowl?

The Post Sports Live crew debates whether it's good or bad that a cold-weather city is hosting the Super Bowl.

Post Sports Live discusses Sally Jenkins’s Robert Griffin III column

The Post Sports Live crew discusses columnist Sally Jenkins' piece on the Robert Griffin III's sway within the Redskins organization and whether the quarterback is a lure for head coaching candidates.

Poll: Which teams are going to meet in the Super Bowl?

With 12 teams set to compete for a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII, who do you think will be the final two?

Video: Does Brian Orakpo deserve a big contract?

Mark Maske discusses in this week's one-on-one portion of Post Sports Live.

If the Redskins lose Sunday, will heads roll?

The Post Sports Live crew suggests changes the Redskins should make if they lose to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

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