Redskins mailbag: On Robert Griffin III’s contract option, whether Jameis Winston is in play

Answering readers' questions about whether Griffin should be extended for a fifth year, who Washington would pursue at the fifth pick, pre-draft visits and Kai Forbath.

Griffin, pass-catchers gathering for workouts in Florida

Robert Griffin III and a number of his skill-position teammates will meet next week in Florida for four days of group workouts.

NFL Draft: What the Redskins could and should do at quarterback

Holding a high pick, and with veterans on the roster, general manager Scot McCloughan certainly has options when it comes to this position.

Redskins mailbag: Moving a cornerback to safety, trading back in the draft, Griffin, the name and more

Answers to reader questions about the prospect of trading back in the NFL draft, whether last season was more on Jay Gruden than Robert Griffin III and Washington's team name.

Kiper: Washington’s interest in Mariota could be genuine, could be attempt to elicit trades

ESPN analyst Mel Kiper says Nebraska’s Randy Gregory cost himself draft position with positive drug test at Combine.

Jay Gruden seeks confidence, improvement from Robert Griffin III

Redskins head coach said that he and the rest of the coaches and players stand behind the starting quarterback, but doesn't squash the talk that the team may draft one.

Scot McCloughan implies that Redskins would draft Marcus Mariota if he was best player available

The Redskins general manager hints that Marcus Mariota is in play, but doesn't stray from his 'best player available' mantra, and says he wants competition up and down the roster.

Why isn’t Kirk Cousins getting a shot to start?

The quarterback, stuck in Washington as a backup, isn't getting much love despite having shown some promise.

What Colt McCoy’s re-signing means for the Redskins’ quarterback situation

Explaining what Colt McCoy means for Robert Griffin III, Kirk Cousins, Marcus Mariota and the Redskins overall quarterback picture.

Redskins’ Scot McCloughan attending Marcus Mariota’s pro day

Redskins GM is among a host of NFL talent evaluators who will watch the Heisman Trophy winner throw.

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