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Posted at 07:00 AM ET, 05/13/2011

New movies: ‘Bridesmaids,’ ‘Everything Must Go’

(Suzanne Hanover)
In this week’s new movies, Kristen Wiig steals the bouquet in the new raunchy comedy “Bridesmaids,” Will Ferrell stars in the drama “Everything Must Go” and Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays an off-beat companion in “Hesher.” Here’s what the Post critics had to say:

Bridesmaids” (R) “Wiig has the natural beauty and self-deprecating expressiveness it takes to be a star comedienne. She so effectively handles both the laughs and the more poignant sub-rosa drama of ‘Bridesmaids’ that the movie’s supporting characters often don’t have the chance to come into their own.” — Ann Hornaday

Everything Must Go” (R) “It may take a while for some viewers to come around, but Ferrell pushes the semi-serious character he played in the 2006 ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ to a whole new level of straight-faced drama.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Hesher” (R) ”Bad role models sometimes make the most interesting movie characters. The ill-mannered, unkempt, foulmouthed and hot-tempered title character of ‘Hesher’ is just such a walking contradiction.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Last Night” (R) “The movie’s leisurely pace affords time to absorb each action, which seems to have a loaded meaning. It’s a surprisingly suspenseful undertaking, enhanced by moody lighting and a spare soundtrack of piano music.” — Stephanie Merry

Forks Over Knives” (PG) “[Director Lee] Fulkerson will despise this analogy, but ‘Forks’ lacks the sugar that would help his medicine go down. In other words, it’s desperately in need of charisma, humor or personality to balance the steady stream of scientific facts we’re asked to absorb.” — Sean O’Connell

Lebanon, Pa.” (PG-13) “Handsome but sort of blank, [Josh] Hopkins is less convincing as the cold city guy who’s warmed by a trip to one of America’s heartlands. It turns out to be just as well as that ‘Lebanon, Pa.’ isn’t really about him.” — Mark Jenkins

Queen To Play” (Unrated) “In ‘Queen to Play,’ a subtle, absorbing film that features Kevin Kline in his first French-speaking role, the only thing that happens, really, is that a hard-working, soft-spoken woman learns to play chess. Seriously. That’s it.” — Jen Chaney

My Perestroika” (Unrated) “Could it be that the more things are restructured, the more they stay the same? That’s the question for the principal characters in ‘My Perestroika,’ a revealing documentary about contemporary Russia.” — Mark Jenkins

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