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Posted at 07:00 AM ET, 09/09/2011

New movies: ‘Contagion,’ ‘Rebirth’

Jude Law plays Alan Krumwiede in the thriller “Contagion.” (Claudette Barius)
In this week’s new movies, an outbreak spreads like wildfire, and survivors of the 9/11 attacks pick up the pieces and move on. Here’s what the Post critics had to say:

Contagion” (PG-13) “Before this movie is over, you will stop unconsciously touching your face (or, if you're a critic, sticking your pen in your mouth). What ‘Psycho’ did for showers, ‘Contagion’ aims to do for shaking hands and shared water glasses.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Warrior” (PG-13) “Many cinephiles will recoil at the suggestion that it's this year's ‘The Fighter,’ but ‘Warrior’ is in some ways more satisfying than David O. Russell's justly celebrated film - particularly for viewers who enjoy watching great screen acting that doesn't constantly remind you of its greatness.” — John DeFore

Circumstance (Sharayet)” (R) “Revolutions large and small make themselves felt throughout ‘Circumstance,’ Maryam Keshavarz's sensuously subversive directorial debut about forbidden love in contemporary Tehran.” — Ann Hornaday

Mr. Nice” (Unrated) “[Howard] Marks has to end up behind bars, of course, and not just because that's what really happened. It's just a bummer to get there so soon. The movie's first half is hilarious, but the book has a lot more laughs on the way to its author's downfall.” — Mark Jenkins

Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football” (Unrated) “The filmmakers clearly want to demonstrate that these are American kids doing American things. But the football turns out to be the least interesting part of the story. And that's frustrating, because who doesn't love a good sports movie?” — Stephanie Merry

Rebirth” (Unrated) “With ‘Rebirth,’ Whitaker takes what could have been a maudlin, unhealthy rumination on senseless violence and suffering and creates an absorbing, albeit wrenching, testament to perseverance, healing and, as one witness puts it, the art of letting go ’without letting go.’” — Ann Hornaday

Bellflower” (R) “It's a movie about hipsters that is itself preoccupied with being hip. After a while, ‘Bellflower’ feels like it can't stop checking itself out in the mirror. It's a pose, not a movie.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Love in Space” (Unrated) “Silly and slapsticky, ‘Love in Space’ is too busy devising absurd set pieces to develop the characters or make their mutual attractions plausible.” — Mark Jenkins

My Kingdom” (Unrated) “Director Gao Xiaosong doesn't do anything surprising with this melodramatic material, but the movie boasts sumptuous costumes and several nifty action sequences.” — Mark Jenkins

Also opening this week: “Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star” and “Creature.”

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