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Posted at 10:19 AM ET, 07/29/2011

New movies: ‘Cowboys & Aliens,’ ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love,’ ‘Smurfs’

‘Cowboys & Aliens’: Git along little dogies meets Gort! Klaatu barada nikto! Or something. (Zade Rosenthal/Universal Studios and DreamWorks II Distribution Co. LLC)
In this week’s new movies, the western and sci-fi genres manage to entertainingly coexist in “Cowboys & Aliens,” while Ryan Gosling’s abs steal the show and Steve Carell makes a bid to be the next Tom Hanks in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” As for the Smurfs, let’s just say it might give fans of the 1980s cartoon the blues. Here’s what the Post critics had to say:

Cowboys & Aliens” (PG-13) “A loving throwback to the classic westerns and sci-fi adventures of yore, this celebration of two of cinema's most revered genres doesn't stint in lavishing their most cherished conventions with even-handed affection and respect. ” — Ann Hornaday

Crazy, Stupid, Love” (PG-13) “What ensues is the kind of smooth, fitfully funny, finely machined romantic comedy that is expertly calibrated to hit all the rom-com happy places. ” — Ann Hornaday

Sarah’s Key” (PG-13) “Based on novelist Tatiana de Rosnay's 2007 Holocaust-themed bestseller, ‘Sarah's Key’ is a movingly told tale of tragedy and its consequences, not just for the players in the original tragedy but also for those touched by their actions, in an ever-widening circle of aftershocks. " — Michael O’Sullivan

The Smurfs” (PG) “‘The Smurfs’ is exactly like Amy Adams's princess-in-Manhattan comedy "Enchanted," only far less clever, kindhearted, original, exciting or entertaining. ” — Sean O’Connell

Life in a Day” (PG-13) “Cobbled together from footage shot by 80,000 anonymous filmmakers around the world over the course of a single day ... you might expect that the resulting feature-length film would be a hodgepodge of stupid pet tricks, skateboarding stunts and forgettable song parodies.You would be wrong.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Another Earth” (PG-13) “‘Another Earth,’ a sci-fi-infused Sundance darling, is an earthbound drama of guilt and redemption, set against an otherworldly backdrop.” — Michael O’Sullivan

How to Live Forever” (Unrated) “‘How to Live Forever’ is a moderately ingratiating, none too probing and largely predictable essay on the way people fear and embrace their senior years. ” — Adam Bernstein

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