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New movies: ‘Hanna,’ ‘Arthur,’ ‘Your Highness’

Russell Brand plays opposite Helen Mirren in “Arthur.” (Barry Wetcher - Warner Bros. Pictures)
In this week’s new movies, a not-so-lovable lush tells not-so-funny jokes, a fairytale satire takes after pot comedy “Pineapple Express” and a homeschooled assassin goes on the lam. Here’s what the Post critics had to say:

Hanna” (PG-13) “The single most compelling reason to see ‘Hanna’ is Hanna herself... [Saoirse Ronan] drives the movie forward with a watchability that’s as compulsive as it is propulsive. She’s so diverting that it’s easy to overlook the movie’s flaws.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Arthur” (PG-13) “By 1981, when the original ‘Arthur’ came out, the slurred-speech shtick of Dudley Moore... was already getting old. In 2011, the sight of Russell Brand doing essentially the same thing... is a little bit pitiful... This ‘Arthur,’ is an exercise in time-travel tedium, a trip to the Land That Funny Forgot­.” — Michael O’Sullivan

In a Better World” (R) “A meticulous, elegantly filmed drama that spans a chaotic refu­gee camp in Africa and a serene coastal town in Denmark, this meditation on violence explores the toxic knock-on effect of powerlessness and over-compensation, delivering a potent essay on the roots of society’s most primal evils.” — Ann Hornaday

Your Highness” (R) “Like director David Gordon Green’s uber-violent pot comedy ‘Pineapple Express,’ ‘Your Highness’ waffles between a lewd sendup and a blood-drenched action flick... ‘Your Highness’ might prove to be mindless fun for an audience with a high tolerance for depravity. But for those of you averse to carnage and bawdy jokes, hear ye: Spare thine eyes.” — Stephanie Merry

Born to Be Wild 3D” (G) “What could possibly be cuter than the wide-eyed expression of a baby orangutan, you wonder? The Imax documentary ‘Born to Be Wild 3D’ holds the answer: a wheelbarrow full of the tiny orange furballs.” — Stephanie Merry

Soul Surfer” (PG) “Based on the memoir of Bethany Hamilton — a surfer who, at 13, lost her arm in a 2003 shark attack and then went on to become a top-rated pro — ‘Soul Surfer’ contains enough platitudes to stock a Hallmark shop. Like little waves, they break, one after the other, in a screenplay credited to director Sean McNamara and three other writers (six, if you count the ‘screen story’ credits).” — Michael O’Sullivan

3 Backyards” (Unrated) “Coming off the almost magical, Sundance award-winning ‘Judy Berlin,’ filmmaker Eric Mendelsohn’s latest movie is a huge disappointment... From those early moments on, the movie keeps promising a bang, but all ‘3 Backyards’ ever delivers is a whimper.” — Michael O’Sullivan

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