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New movies: ‘Pina,’ ‘The Woman In Black”

Movie still from the film “Pina” by Wim Wenders. (Courtesy IFC Films)
In this week’s new movies, one of the contendors for Best Documentary in the upcoming Academy Awards wows Post critic Stephanie Merry, and Daniel Radcliffe manages to be somewhat convincing as a widower with a child and a law degree, despite the fact that he’s still only 22-years-old. Here’s what the Post critics had to say:

Pina 3D” (PG) “It's not every day that a director comes along and sweeps away a genre's pesky cobwebs, but Wim Wenders does just that with his documentary (and Oscar contender) ‘Pina.’” — Stephanie Merry

The Woman in Black” (PG-13) “On the one hand, the movie provoked squeals of genuine terror from what what seemed to be the student body of an all-girls middle school. On the other hand, the rows of professional critics kept erupting in guffaws and the kind of smart-alecky back talk you'd expect at a screening of ’The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’” — Michael O’Sullivan

Big Miracle” (PG) “As the minutes tick down, the sentimentality picks up. But chalk that up to the enigmatic creatures, which grab hold of human hearts no matter one's politics or affiliations. Whales just have a way of bringing people together. If only there was a way to bring orcas and belugas into more congressional debates.” — Stephanie Merry

Chronicle” (PG-13) “Movies that purport to be constructed from found footage, in the manner of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and ‘The Devil Inside,’ usually do so to cloak a flimsy premise. That's not the issue with ‘Chronicle,’ in which a pretty good idea for a sci-fi thriller is undermined by hastiness - and by the pretense that it was mostly shot by one of its protagonists.” — Mark Jenkins

Addiction Incorporated” (PG-13) “Director Charles Evans Jr. helps by inserting whimsical cartoon animations of smokers with the faces (and tails) of lab rats to illustrate the serious science behind addiction. Rather than relying only on archival footage and a parade of talking heads, Evans mixes it up with reenactments of episodes in the past. It's subtly unobtrusive and effective.” — Michael O’Sullivan

The Innkeepers” (R) “It's not going to shake up the fright-flick world one bit, but ‘The Innkeepers’ may earn affection from genre-lovers whose memory reaches back to before ‘The Blair Witch Project.’” — John DeFore

The Theatre Bizarre” (Unrated) “‘The Theatre Bizarre’... is most interested in bare breasts, spurting arteries and the sudden intersection of hard objects and soft flesh. These elements may be shocking and even bizarre. But, like a lot of midnight-movie provocations, they soon turn predictable.” — Mark Jenkins

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