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Posted at 09:12 AM ET, 03/18/2011

New movies: “The Lincoln Lawyer, “Jane Eyre”

In this week’s new movie releases, a bottom-feeding lawyer does the right thing, bucolic scenery provides the backdrop for an adaptation of the classic Bronte novel “Jane Eyre” and a group of Roman Catholic monks in Algeria are faced with religious extremism from beyond their monastery’s walls. Here’s what the Post critics had to say:

The Lincoln Lawyer” (R) “Adapted from Michael Connelly’s bestselling book, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ just may have the makings of a terrific franchise, if only because it finds McConaughey so clearly in his comfort zone after a string of forgettable romantic comedies and action pictures.” — Ann Hornaday

Of Gods and Men” (PG-13) “Xavier Beauvios’s haunting, exquisitely crafted film achieves a flawless balance between taut, truth-based contemporary drama and the timeless question of spiritual commitment and obedience.” — Ann Hornaday

Jane Eyre” (PG-13) “It’s just that spark that’s fatally missing from Mia Wasikowska’s elegant but inert portrayal in ‘Jane Eyre,’ which while qualifying as the most gorgeously appointed and finely detailed version of the novel so far, still lacks the element of essential fire to make it come fully, even subversively, to life.” — Ann Hornaday

Limitless” (PG-13) “‘Limitless’ is a heck of a ride. On the way to its unpredictable (if less than wholly satisfying) conclusion, it is entertaining, a little silly and visually dazzling.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Paul” (R) “By the standards of mainstream movies, there’s little that’s particularly paranormal about ‘Paul.’ Rather than poking fun at the conventions of Hollywood sci-fi, it, for the most part, obeys them.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Poetry” (Unrated) “The film’s most moving scenes, in a film with many moving scenes, are shot like reality-TV confessionals. They’re personal stories told by Mija and her fellow students, who face the camera head-on while reminiscing about love, loss and longing. The technique isn’t as cheesy as it sounds.” — Michael O’Sullivan

I Saw the Devil” (Unrated) “Visually striking and artfully staged, the film boasts impressive set pieces and black-hearted physical humor. More than once, for example, a severed head rolls or spins into place with the grace and timing of a ballerina. And for those people who don’t think a severed head is ever funny? They should not see ‘The Devil.’” — Mark Jenkins

Monogamy” (Unrated) “Aside from the expansive title, Dana Adam Shapiro’s indie drama chronicles those familiar moments that turn out to be cracks in the facade of a seemingly healthy relationship. But the fact that the male half of this particular equation turns out to be so icky makes the proceedings difficult to relate to.” — Stephanie Merry

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