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Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 02/24/2012

New movies: ‘Wanderlust,’ ‘Rampart’

Paul Rudd’s character gets an eyeful in writer-director David Wain's new comedy "Wanderlust." (AP Photo/Universal Pictures, Gemma La Mana)
In this week’s new movies, Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd play uptight fish out of water on a rural commune, while Woody Harrelson takes on the role of corrupt cop. Here’s what the Post critics had to say:

Wanderlust” (R) “Paul Rudd delivers moments of inspired lunacy in ‘Wanderlust,’ a shambling mix of cheap laughs and genuinely funny set pieces from writer-director David Wain.” — Ann Hornaday

Rampart” (R) “That ‘Rampart’ is watchable at all is due to Harrelson, who appears in every scene and compels attention like a human billy club, his hateful arias and bladelike physicality reminiscent of Travis Bickle at his most passionate and self-deceiving.” — Ann Hornaday

Bullhead” (R) “Many terms applied to action movies — muscular, animalistic, testosterone-fueled — are literally true of ‘Bullhead.’ This Belgian thriller, a contender for the best-foreign-film Oscar, is set among cattle farmers whose meat is illegally sauced with bovine growth hormones.” — Mark Jenkins

Act of Valor” (R) “Military reality and video-game fantasy shake hands and come out fighting in ‘Act of Valor,’ an action flick that stars actual Navy SEALs. The exercises are genuine, and so is the hardware. But the script undermines the sense of authenticity at every turn.” — Mark Jenkins

In Darkness” (R) “Man's capacity to torment his fellow man is not the main theme of ‘In Darkness’ — filmmaker Agnieszka Holland's third foray into Holocaust territory — but it's nonetheless hard to ignore.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Crazy Horse” (Not rated) “While certain dominant tensions begin to emerge, they all ultimately recede behind the artifice of fake eyelashes and cherry-red wigs.” — Stephanie Merry

Also open: “Gone” and “Good Deeds

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