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‘Premium Rush,’ ‘Cosmopolis’ and more new movies

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in Columbia Pictures' "Premium Rush." (SARAH SHATZ - 2012 Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc.)
In this week’s new movies, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a bike messenger that gets mixed up in a high-stakes delivery and Robert Pattinson plays a young billionaire trying to cross Manhattan for a haircut. Here’s what the Post critics thought:

Premium Rush” (PG-13) “It might not be a noteworthy film, but “Premium Rush” delivers what it promises. The summertime diversion will give audiences a little jolt of nervous energy along with a few laughs.” — Stephanie Merry

Red Hook Summer” (R) “‘Red Hook Summer’ also suffers from the same stiffness and overworked melodrama that has sometimes been his downfall. But even with those hiccups, this coming-of-age portrait provides one more instance of Lee as one of this country’s finest cinematic regionalists.” — Ann Hornaday

Cosmopolis” (R) “‘Cosmopolis’ might be the ‘Das Boot’ of Wall Street movies. But instead of taking place inside a U-boat, the movie is shot almost entirely within a white stretch limo, following the strange horror, not to mention the sheer tedium, of driving across Manhattan for a haircut.” — Stephanie Merry

Compliance” (R) “‘Compliance’ is an extraordinarily assured, well-made drama, signaling a promising career for Zobel, an adroit filmmaker with a talent for taut pacing and staging. But it also fails its first test, which is that the audience believe every word of it.” — Ann Hornaday

Robot & Frank” (PG-13) “Robots aren’t particularly known for their sense of humor. That’s why the gentle laughs produced by “Robot & Frank” — a clever, unexpectedly touching dramedy about the relationship between an aging former cat burglar (Frank Langella) and his robotic caregiver — catch you a bit off guard.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Thunderstruck” (PG) “While the 23-year-old [Kevin] Durant isn’t as naturally charismatic or camera-friendly as Jordan or O’Neal, his debut film sells itself on durable messages about strong work ethic, the importance of community relations and playing to one’s individual potential.” — Sean O’Connell

Nuit #1” (Unrated) “The two temporary lovers sometimes argue and occasionally bond but mostly talk past each other. Their willingness to bare their souls, and their bodies, doesn’t make them open to other people. Despite the movie’s title, the odds seem to be against night No. 2.” — Mark Jenkins

Hit and Run” (R) “‘Hit and Run’ might be a middling romantic comedy, if it weren’t for those pesky chase scenes. Or it could be a decent action movie, if only the engine-revving weren’t derailed by the intermittent saccharine schmoopiness. Instead, it feels like writer, co-director and star Dax Shepard has unleashed some kind of freakish Franken-film on movie-goers.” — Stephanie Merry

Also opening: “The Apparition

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