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Posted at 07:00 AM ET, 06/15/2012

‘Rock of Ages,’ ‘That’s My Boy’ and more new movies

Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) and Todd Peterson (Andy Samberg) in Columbia Pictures' comedy “That’s My Boy.” (Tracy Bennett - Columbia Pictures)
In this week’s new movies, Adam Sandler comes out with yet another crass and lazy comedy and auto-tuned singing celebrities make a movie about rock music less exciting than it could be. Here’s are the Post critics’ thoughts:

Rock of Ages” (PG-13) “The fact that this affectionately mocking homage to acts such as Journey, Guns N’ Roses and Pat Benatar comes by way of Auto-Tuned singers such as Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta and Tom Cruise makes ‘Rock of Ages’ an unusually enervating experience.” — Ann Hornaday

Your Sister’s Sister” (R) “Filmed on location in less than two weeks, hewing to [Lynn] Shelton’s improvisatory M.O., ‘Your Sister’s Sister’ unfolds with frank, spontaneous ease (save for some only-in-movies contrivance toward the end), taking some fascinating emotional corners and, as in ‘Humpday,’ revealing more in those hairpin turns than on the straightaway.” — Ann Hornaday

Safety Not Guaranteed” (R) “The central story, which focuses on the question of whether Kenneth is delusional or not, is the least interesting thing about the movie. ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ is most vibrant and vital at its edges, in the way that the characters interact with each other while waiting for something to happen.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Gerhard Richter Painting” (Unrated) “Among the many topics raised — including the tension between the desire to reveal and the desire to conceal oneself in one’s art — the most thought-provoking ideas brought up by Belz’s film have to to do with exactly how Richter knows when a work is finished, and whether it’s any good.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Lola Versus” (R) “By the time Lola has run her thoughtless, self-centered course, the film bears more of a resemblance to the glib, entitled romantic fantasies of ‘Sex and the City’ ... [Greta] Gerwig remains one of the most captivating new stars to hit the big screen, but she’s still looking for a movie that deserves her.— Ann Hornaday

The Woman in the Fifth” (R) “Too many loose ends... are left dangling to make ‘The Woman in the Fifth’ a satisfying film. It’s a curio, ripe with dreamy atmospherics and intriguing mysteries, but little else.” — Ann Hornaday

That’s My Boy” (R) “It’s tempting to call Adam Sandler a rebel. The comedian consistently flouts taste and decency in his movies, which can sometimes be a good thing. The only problem with this notion is that rebels, at some point, usually break a sweat. Sandler’s latest vehicle, ’That’s My Boy,’ is radical only in its extreme laziness.”

— Michael O’Sullivan

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