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Posted at 02:46 PM ET, 11/29/2012

Things you could drink for $7 that aren’t the new Starbucks coffee

You could spend $7 on a medium coffee at Starbucks, or a strawberry-habanero margarita from El Chucho. Up to you, really. (Fritz Hahn)
In case Starbucks’s reputation as a snobby, bourgeois mainstay wasn’t quite entrenched enough, the Seattle-based super-chain recently announced a new $7 coffee in 48 specially equipped stores. That’s $7 for a grande, no less. While the chain insists its Geisha varietal is rare, concentrated and otherwise “exquisite,” as spokeswoman Alisa Martinez told the Chicago Tribune, a stubborn economic fact remains: You can buy a lot of other (better?) beverages for $7.

Here, presented without comment, are 12 delicious D.C. drinks that cost $7 or less. They might not hail from Central America or retail for $40 a bag, but they should make you question your sanity the next time you stand in a Starbucks line.

●House Negroni (Fiola’s): $6 during daily happy hour

●On-tap shot of Fernet Branca (The Passenger): $7

●New York Egg Creme (Gina Chersevani’s Buffalo & Bergen): $3

●Presidential Sweet Concrete (Shake Shack): $6.50

●Can of Schlitz and shot of Jameson (Red Derby): $5

●Frozen Strawberry Habanero Margarita (El Chucho): $7

●Two-serving French press of Vigilante Coffee (Room 11): $4

●Red wine-cachaça sangria (Estadio): $6

●Burns’ Night Bluejacket & Pizza Port (ChurchKey): $7

●Large bubble tea (Shanghai Lounge): $5.50

●20 oz. hand-squeezed melon juice (Juice Joint): $6.25

●Homemade ginger soda (We the Pizza): $3

Oh, and per a viral Jimmy Kimmel taste test, most people have no idea what fancy coffee tastes like, anyway.

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