How the Going Out Guide can improve your social life

This week, the Going Out Guide got even more social. We added two new buttons -- Want to go and Been there -- on each our pages for individual restaurants, bars, movies and the like. Click them to save what you want to try or where you've been, and we'll save your lists for you so you can remember all these ideas. When you sign in with Facebook, you can share your plans on Facebook, too.

It's a surprisingly easy way to get your friends talking. Our own Lavanya Ramanathan clicked Been there for Hanoi House, and she quickly got three likes and a different friend later asked (in person) what she thought of the place.

Try it yourself: Find a place or event you want to go to (hint: there are lots of parties for this inauguration weekend), click Want to go and see how fast one of your friends says, "When should we go?"

Anne Kenderdine’s job is sharing what’s fun to do in D.C. She joined The Washington Post in 2000, and she’s been focused on local arts and entertainment for her whole career. As the Going Out Guide Deputy Editor, she edits the Going Out Gurus blog and stories for the Weekend section and she also shapes the Going Out Guide’s Web site, mobile site, i
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