Hill Country’s Backyard Barbecue may open near Nationals Park

June 21, 2013

Hill Country's Backyard Barbecue offers barbecue and live music in a park-like setting on the National Building Museum's lawn. (Photo by Fritz Hahn/The Post)

Hill Country is exploring the idea of bringing its popular outdoor "Backyard Barbecue" to Southeast Washington. A liquor license application filed today for "Hill Country Home Stand" sets out a model that sounds very similar to the weekly party on the lawn of the National Building Museum: Live music, barbecue and beer at Tingey Plaza, an open area behind the U.S. Department of Transportation and just north of Yards Park. The application suggests a capacity of 499 people. A hearing is scheduled for August 19.

John Shaw, the chief operating officer at Hill Country, confirmed the plans in an e-mailed statement: "The Capitol Riverfront in SE Washington is an exciting area of the city, especially during baseball season. The team at Hill Country Barbecue Market has started the permitting process for a potential pop-up outdoor barbecue venue in the area, but no deal has been solidified to move forward with this opportunity. If we do proceed, we do not yet know whether it will happen this year or next season."

Fritz Hahn has covered bars, drinks and nightlife for the Washington Post Weekend Section since 2003, but he also writes about everything from Civil War battlefields to sailing classes. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.
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