Derek Brown and Todd Thrasher bartend for charity at the Passenger tonight

August 26, 2013
Todd Thrasher and Derek Brown Todd Thrasher (left) and Derek Brown raised more than $800 for the American Cancer Society at PX on Aug. 19. They're hoping to better that tonight at the Passenger. (Photo courtesy of Todd Thrasher)

Two of the area's best-known bartenders are teaming up tonight for charity. Derek Brown (the Columbia Room) and Todd Thrasher (PX, Bar TNT) will be behind the bar at the Passenger from 5 to 9 p.m. All tips and a portion of the evening's sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society's Taste of Hope program.

Brown says tonight's menu will include variations on the Long Island Iced Tea and classic Woo Woo shots, while Thrasher says he will create a pirate grog and two other classics from the PX menu. You can also ask the two bartenders to whip up anything you'd like – just remember to tip well.

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