Roberto’s 4 to become Roberto’s 8

February 5, 2014

Roberto's 4, Roberto Donna's four-seat chef's counter within Al Dente, has become so popular the star of the show is doubling the number of stools and changing the name of the experience to Roberto's 8 as of Feb. 18.

(Joseph Victor Stefanchik for The Washington Post)

"We get so much requests, people get upset" when they're told there's no room, reports Donna, who cooks in front of his guests during the dinner.

What's not changing at the performance space is the price: $85 per person for the dozen-plus courses, which change from month to month. Among the treats he's rehearsing for a future menu: Italian-style profiteroles stuffed with liquid saffron and served with coffee reduction.

Reservations can be made by e-mailing

Roberto's 4, 3201 New Mexico Ave. NW. 202-244-2223. 


Weaned on a beige buffet a la “Fargo” in Minnesota, Tom Sietsema is the food critic for The Washington Post. This is his second tour of duty at the Post. Sietsema got his first taste in the ‘80s, when he was hired by his predecessor to answer phones, write some, and test the bulk of the Food section’s recipes. That’s how he learned to clean squid, bake colonial cakes and distinguish between nutmeg and mace.
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