World Cup Happy Hour: Cameroon and Croatia fight for soccer survival

June 18, 2014

Welcome to World Cup Happy Hour. Every afternoon, we'll examine the schedule and provide options for places to watch the day's 6 p.m. match. In the morning, we publish World Cup Lunch, which has suggestions for where to take a long lunch with the noon match of the day.

Today's 6 p.m. match features two teams fighting for their 2014 World Cup lives. Cameroon and Croatia each lost their first games (to Brazil and Mexico, respectively), and a team losing this match would be mathematically eliminated from advancing to the second round of the World Cup.

Cameroon needs a World Cup win. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou/Agence France-Press via Getty Images)

Where to watch: For Cameroon fans, we recommend heading to Bukom Cafe in Adams Morgan, which serves West African food and beer. (We like Roger Miller in Silver Spring, but since it doesn't serve beer, it doesn't make sense as a happy hour spot.) Rooting for Croatia? Hit happy hour at Ambar, a Balkan restaurant on Barracks Row, where the house Balkan burger and a Dos Equis costs $10 during matches, and you can take advantage of the $4 beers, wines and cocktails offered at happy hour.

If you don't have a dog in this fight, it's a great night to sample the atmosphere at one of the other recommended World Cup happy hours: Public Bar has $3 beers and a giant projection screen; Lou's City Bar offers half-price drafts; and Patty Boom Boom sells discounted rum punch and half-price Jamaican patties during matches.

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World Cup Leftovers: I stopped into Mari Vanna last night to watch Russia and sample the World Cup happy hour. The bar area was mobbed, maybe two or three deep in spots, and the views of the two televisions were hit and miss as people sneaked in front of us to order beers. But the deals were as spectacular as Lee Keun-ho's wonderful goal: For $20, my group received a five Russian beers and a free round of vodka shots.

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