Robin Williams tribute coming to West End Cinema

August 12, 2014

Fans struck by news of the death of Robin Williams are today mourning the talented comedian and actor the only ways they know how: tweeting their heartache, reading numerous appreciations, relishing his best roles (and even some of his worst) and reacting to tributes from Williams' daughter and others who knew him, including Conan O'Brien and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

But the best way to remember the brilliance of Williams is by watching his work, and that's where West End Cinema comes in. Beginning Friday, the theater will show "Good Will Hunting," "The Birdcage" and "The Fisher King" daily through Aug. 21. Each film demonstrates Williams' ability to produce both laughs and heartfelt sentiment. Visit the West End site for more information on tickets and showtimes.

People stand near the bench in the Boston Public Gardens where a scene of the film "Good Will Hunting" was shot. (EPA/CJ GUNTHER)


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