The $20 Diner's Hunger Games: Eating everything served by the Nationals and Orioles and keeping score.

Where's that beef from? Want to know more about your cheese? This new Clarendon burger joint lays it on thick.

The $20 Diner discovers that the only thing missing from this homestyle Gaithersburg restaurant is the fat from a sheep rump.

The $20 Diner finds two brothers reverse-engineering their grandmother's homestyle Mexican dishes, component by component, flavor by flavor.

The $20 Diner eventually finds what he's looking for, but enjoys a whole lot more, at CherCher Ethiopian Restaurant.

The $20 Diner discovers exotic foods and irresistible desserts to distract him from shopping at the Chantilly supermarket.

The $20 Diner finds a homey eatery in Hyattsville that caters to transplants but welcomes everyone.

$20 DINER | Chef Frank Linn displays an obsessive focus at his Kensington pizzeria.

The $20 Diner doesn’t care what Michael Pollan thinks. Sometimes we just want to eat things that taste good.

The $20 Diner finds an Alexandria restaurant that tastes and fees like home, serving up cevapcici and pljeskavica.

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