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The $20 Diner discovers that the only thing missing from this homestyle Gaithersburg restaurant is the fat from a sheep rump.

The $20 Diner finds two brothers reverse-engineering their grandmother's homestyle Mexican dishes, component by component, flavor by flavor.

The $20 Diner eventually finds what he's looking for, but enjoys a whole lot more, at CherCher Ethiopian Restaurant.

The restaurant and live music venue is set to open some time after Memorial Day.

The $20 Diner discovers exotic foods and irresistible desserts to distract him from shopping at the Chantilly supermarket.

The $20 Diner finds a homey eatery in Hyattsville that caters to transplants but welcomes everyone.

The $20 Diner doesn’t care what Michael Pollan thinks. Sometimes we just want to eat things that taste good.

The $20 Diner finds an Alexandria restaurant that tastes and fees like home, serving up cevapcici and pljeskavica.

The $20 Diner finds a rookie chef at a new ramen shop who shows signs of developing into a heavy hitter.

The $20 Diner loads up his tray with tacos, gorditas, tortas and huaraches while savoring the various tastes and textures.

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